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Ólafur Páll Torfason

Owner | CEO | Producer

“Oli” as most people call him, likes balance. He is our budget guru and makes sure everything is accounted for. He likes it when things add up.



Eilifur Örn

Owner | Director

Eilifur is “herr director”. Sweet as a cucumber yet unrelenting when it comes to maintaining the creative vision. In a creative storm he shall navigate you safe to shore when you’ll be greeted with cocos and roses.

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Ugla Hauksdóttir

Ugla is a free spirit who loves to create. She’s classical but edgy, poetic but bold. In her work, vision and sophistication become unified. Ugla loves arthouse films, photography and long walks on the beach. For mind, body and soul, she does yoga.

Ugla will bring your ideas to life, and amaze you while doing so.

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Helgi Jóhannsson


Helgi a.k.a. Holy, is one part of the Director duo H&H. They are the jin and the jang, earth and the sky. Two creative minds in a marriage of art, and a vision that will pierce through the toughest soul. They are salt and pepper for your soup. Helgi comes from
a background in editing and directing.

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Hörður Sveinsson


Hörður a.k.a Hard is the other part of H&H  the directors duo. Helgi & Hörður have more than a decade worth of experience in filmmaking and photography. Hörður from a career in photography where he’s shot the likes of
Sigur Rós, John Grant, Yoko Ono, Michael Moore and more fancy names.