Eilifur Örn

Owner | Director

More about Eilífur

Eilífur loves 90´s nostalgia and black humor. He also likes to direct. His favorite actor is Walther Matthau. He lives by the ocean and likes telling stories.

Eilífur strong narrative will bring life to your story and strong artistic leadership will ensure consistency through out.

He has won 5 Euro Effies and several of Ludurs (The Icelandic Advertising awards) for numerous campaigns throughout the years


Helgi & Hörður


More about Helgi and hordur

Helgi  & Hordur , They are the jin and the jang, earth and the sky. Two creative minds in a marriage of art, and a vision that will pierce through the toughest soul. They are salt and pepper for your soup. Helgi comes from
a background in editing and directing. Hörður from a career in photography where he’s shot the likes of
Sigur Rós, John Grant, Yoko Ono, Michael Moore and more fancy names.

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Ugla Hauks


More about Ugla

Ugla is a free spirit who loves to create. She’s classical but edgy, poetic but bold. In her work, vision and sophistication become unified. Ugla loves arthouse films, photography and long walks on the beach. For mind, body and soul, she does yoga.

Ugla will bring your ideas to life, and amaze you while doing so.